100% Secure Enterprise AI

The trusted on-premise, data-secure generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for enterprise. Tailor it for use with your sensitive and proprietary data without ever connecting to the internet.

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How Does Secure AI Work?

Secure AI is an on-premise alternative to ChatGPT that runs on on a local (air gapped) server behind your firewall. Secure AI never connects to the internet, ensuring complete privacy of user data. This empowers our customers to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) confidently, even when working with sensitive and proprietary information.

What is Secure AI used for?

Secure AI boosts work efficiency by automating tasks such as document writing, contract proposals, and software development.  

With Secure AI, your Business Development team can generate the first draft of a technical proposal with zero hours of engineering support!

How is Secure AI different? 

Unlike other AI software that requires sending sensitive data over the internet, Secure AI runs on-premise, keeping data private and usable even where ChatGPT is banned.

What companies use Secure AI? 

Our primary clients are in the Aerospace, Security, and Defense sectors, dealing with proprietary, sensitive, and U.S. Government data. For them, the risk of sharing information with online AI services is not an option.

However, Secure AI is available to any organization concerned about protecting their data.

Does our data need to be organized? 

Secure AI can operate on disorganized data scattered across multiple networks.

Do we need a lot of training data?

Secure AI can work well with just a few documents, making it a great choice for startups wanting to accelerate technical and business development while protecting their valuable IP.  

Can we try it out before making a commitment?


The easiest way to test Secure AI is to request access to our demo site using the form below.

We also offer trials for secure deployment within your organization.

Private Data, Powerful Solutions

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Enhance Productivity

Increase organizational productivity through AI; knowledge workers see up to 50% speed-up in daily workflows.

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Increase Revenue

Generate contract proposals faster with better results and win more bids.  

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Preserve Institutional Knowledge

Empower new employees with corporate knowledge and the ability to easily interact with internal data.

Intelligent Features


The platform extracts relevant information from your documents to produce concise, focused sections of material. This streamlined approach is ideal for proposal writing as it organizes pertinent data efficiently, enhancing the quality and relevance of your proposals. 

Ultrafine Access Management

User-level access controls provide the ability to precisely manage what each user can see, ensuring detailed control over access to information.

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The platform offers real-time coding assistance, improving your development process. It's designed to boost productivity and simplify coding challenges, making it a valuable asset for developers at any skill level. Unlike ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, Secure AI runs locally, so it can be used with sensitive and proprietary code projects. 

On-Premise Set-up

Maintain all your data securely on-site. No need for uploads, downloads, or cloud storage. We even provide full-service installation and technical support 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"A Work-changing platform for my sensitive date"

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Daniel Woods
VP of Marketing at Facebook
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"The #1 analytics AI-Tech"

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Jane Watts
Growth Marketer at Youtube
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"The next-gen AI analytics tool"

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Andrea Miles
Analytics Lead at Google
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Our Customers

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Secure AI helped us write solid technical proposals, for complex topics in Asteroid Mining. They also handled the administrative and Government requirements, to ensure that our proposals were compliant. Overall, the engagement with Secure AI saved us a bunch of time and enabled us to bid on more opportunities.
— Matt Gialich, Co-Founder/CEO @ AstroForge (YC W22)

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